Are criminal complaints public record?
In 498a, as per the data obtained from Men Cell in Delhi a FIR is a complaint and not a criminal case. When Charges are framed then also 498a is not a criminal case. But when charges are framed, only then, it becomes a criminal case. Yes, a FIR is indeed a public record and the same is true with charge sheet and also charge framing by a magistrate is a public record in 498a ipc criminal complaint as per atur chatur.

Are police reports public?
Yes, police reports are public. These are in public domain especially 498a ipc as per atur chatur.

Are there any free public record sites?
Yes, delhi police and almost every Indian state has there own site where a FIR is updated and even in court cases before a metropolitan magistrate’s court, as per atur chatur, one may get the records/ daily orders online also in 498a ipc FIR and Charge Sheets.

Can 498a be filed after 7 years of marriage?
No, it can’t be legally filed after 7 years of marriage as per atur chatur in 498a ipc matter. In 498a, a complaint must not be filed even after more than 24 hours, forget 7 years, 3 years, 1 year and one month after marriage. This 498a dowry related complaint needs to be filed immediately otherwise sufficient reasons need to be put on record.

Can a charge sheet be quashed?
Yes, like a FIR, a Charge Sheet u/s 498a can be quashed, but that is nothing but a futile exercise as per atur chatur because chargesheet must be broken down using a LTR only as quash comes with conditions which you will certainly regret after filing for quash. Do NOT file quash even in your dreams and if any l@wyer forces you or convinces you to get the 498a FIR quashed then kick him in the butt, because immediately after filing quash and submitting affidavit, your dreams of closing a false 498a may be quashed with super certainty hence, Do NOT file Quash, but instead, you must file a LTR FOC before or after presentation of charge sheet.

Can a criminal get government job?
Yes, if that is a job of politician, then, YES, he can certainly get such job in India, but when it comes to 498a ipc complaint or FIR or CS or Charges Framed, then only after charge get framed against you, your job may get affected as per atur chatur, especially if you do not bounce back or fight back with a LTR.

Can a male police officer pat down a female?
Yes, unethically anything can be done. And YES, even with consent anything can be done. But, if complaint is made by such female, then disciplinary action may be initiated against such male police officer as per atur chatur.

Can a man marry two wives legally?
Yes, this is still possible in India. Go and read the case of Dharmendra (veteran film actor). 498a was not filed against him as per atur chatur as this act came in 1983 end.

Can a mentally disabled person be charged with a crime?
Yes, he can be charged with a crime, but if the defence proves that he is lunatic i.e., a person of insane mind, then in that situation no case including 498a criminal complaint or FIR or even a Charge Sheet may stand against him.

Can a mentally ill person be prosecuted?
Yes, he can be prosecuted in certain cases if it is proved that, he is danger for the society, but he won’t be send behind bars. He may be sent to rectification home or rehabilitation home or something of that sort.

Can a police officer be sued personally?
Yes, his wife can file 498a against him as per atur chatur.

Can a police officer refuses to file a report?
Yes, he can refuse to file a report of FIR or a First Information Report, but if the wife is able to prove that she went to file 498a against her husband, but the police officer refused to file complaint or forward the matter to CAW Cell then this police officer may face the ire of the seniors and also may face departmental enquiry &/or disciplinary action/ line haazir proceedings against him as per atur chatur.

Can a Police officer remove a Person's name from FIR ?
Yes, an IO is authorized to remove the  name of a person or all persons from a FIR. This is valid even in 498a matters as per atur chatur.

Can a police statement be used in court?
Yes, a police statement becomes very much relevant in court proceedings especially when that statement is made in respect to a dying person like acid attack victim or 498a victim if before dying gives a statement to police then the statement of police in such cases shall be deemed to be the statement of the dead as per atyur chatur.

Can a private citizen file a criminal complaint?
Yes, a private complaint is made for citizens only. In 498a however, a private complaint can be made in case of domestic violence in cases where the woman never went to protection officer and files such DV complaint as a luxury. Similarly, as per atur chatur, a FIR may be deemed to be a criminal complaint and any citizen including a private citizen can file sucvh complaint whether such complaint is u/s 498a ipc or not.

Can a wife stay in a husband's house after filing a case under 498a and domestic violence?
Yes, a wife can stay in husband’s house like Suzanne khan is staying during corona lockdown in the house of hrithik roshan. But as per atur chatur, a wife needs the consent of the husband and his family members especially the house owner before she is treated as safe lady to live in that house. Even better, get her to withdraw her 498a and domestic violence complaint before allowing her to stay in huband’s house.

Can a woman divorce her husband in India?
Yes, she can divorce if she finds another man instead of filing false 498a against her husband as per atur chatur.

Can a woman file 498a after divorce?
Yes,  why not? An Indian woman is fully empowered to misuse the laws and even after divorce she can file a 498a FIR but if the husband contacts atur chatur and in turn gets a LTR prepared and filed against such lady, then, in such cases, a woman won’t be able to get a 498a FIR lodged or registered against her husband i.e., ex-husband and his family members.

Can an incomplete Cheque be filled up and used to sue under Section 138?
Yes,  this can be done if it is proved that the intention of incomplete cheque was deliberate and if this is filed against 498a wife or against 498a wife’s relative/s, then as per atur chatur, such counter cases may yield maximum benefits.

Can FIR be altered?
Yes, FIR can be altered by paying bribe to the police and the court officials but if this inconsistency and fraudulent behavior is broken using a LTR against a 498a wife, then, the 498a wife and her witnesses may go behind bars as per atur chatur.

Can FIR be quashed after filing of chargesheet?
Yes, as per latest Supreme Court Judgment, a FIR can be quashed even after presentation of charge sheet in certain cases pertaining to section 498a ipc as per atur chatur

Can FIR be removed?
Yes, FIR can  be removed using a LTR u/s 498a against t he wife as per atur chatur. Details of LTR 498a can be found at

Can Hindu marry two wives?
Yes, a hindu can  marry two wives like dharmendra (film actor) married. This is possible in India u/s 498a and also as per atur chatur this does not account for bigamy.

Can husband filed case against wife in India?
Yes, a husband can file counter cases against 498a wife u/s 156(3) r/w several ipc sections as per atur chatur.

Can I divorce my wife for not sleeping with me?
Yes, a wife has the duty to satisfy the husband’s sexual demands as per atur chatur and before she files false 498a, husband may file  a genuine divorce petition.

Can I file a complaint against an officer?
Yes, anyone can file a genuine complaint against a officer under the provisions of law as per atur chatur especially if that officer is a false 498a wife or such officer is an Investigating officer who has probably connived with 498a wife.

Can I file a police report for verbal abuse?
Yes, verbal abuse, slang, ddefamation are all laws and police report can be filed even against a 498a wife as per atur chatur in the form of counter cases.

Can I get a crime reference number online?
Yes, Online registerable crimes often immediately generate the crime reference number. For Example:- in the case of a 498a ipc crime reported by the wife online, the FIR number may even be generated in certain cases as per atur chatur

Can I get a crime reference number over the phone?
Yes, especially for 498a wife and for 498a accused husband as per atur chatur, the crime reference number or the diary number or the NCR number or even the FIR number and charge sheet number may very well be generated and available to you on  the phone itself i.e., without visiting the 498a police station.

Can I get bail in 420 case?
Yes, bail can be obtained in a 420 ipc case as per atur chatur, provided that, sureties are confirmed and bail bond is filled and reasons for bail are genuine or youo raise significantly reliable doubt in the mind of the judge regarding the veracity of the 420 ipc complaint or FIR against you especially when it is filed along with 498a by your wife or when it is a counter case against the 498a wife by the 498a husband.

Can I get divorce without any reason?
Yes, No Fault Divorce is available in India. If you do not want to live with your wife, then before she files false 498a ipc complaint against you, you may start living together and as per atur chatur, filing of divorce is inherent in such cases.

Can I look up a court case online?
Yes,  a court case can be looked upon online seeing the daily orders and the cause list online based on the case reference number in 498a cases as per atur chatur.

Can I see my criminal record UK?
Yes, if a NRI UK gets trapped in false 498a while abroad from wife in India, then as per atur chatur, these criminal records from, UK can  be checked in UK itself. Yes, This is possible.

Can I sue my boss for emotional distress?
Yes, if mental agony and emotional distress is caused by the boss, then the 498a wife and even any male employee can file a complaint against the boss as per atur chatur

Can I take a police officer to court?
Yes, in case of 498a, the husband applies for bail and the IO i.e., the police officer himself represents the wife and presents in court, but as per atur chatur if husband or anyone is suffering from police atrocities or false FIR registration by police officer or copy paste charge sheet without proper investigation, then in such cases, the police officer can be taken to the court.

Can I take back my fir?
Yes, a 498a wife can take back the FIR read necessarily with C-Report provisions as per atur chatur and this may open scope of counter cases against the 498a wife.

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